An Introduction to AI, Blockchain and IoT

Beyond the hype and the media-fueled apocalyptic scenarios, let’s analyze what A.I really means for the future of the industrial…

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A Gentle Introduction To Blockchain With Ethereum

This is my gentle intro to blockchain talk given at FC Bayern Hackdays – In this talk for blockchain beginners,…

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8.5 Tips To Find Speakers For Your Meetup

As a Tech Evangelist, one of my strategy of choice to make Stylight known in the local tech ecosystem is…

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Scaling your Startup from POC to Production

In this talk, I’m going through the different stages in the life of a startup, both from a technical and human…

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16 Tips To Organize The Best Tech Meetups

This article is a repost of the original I wrote on the Stylight Tech blog. As a follow-up on this,…

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