Announcing a series of six workshops on entrepreneurship!

One of our motto at Techstars is to #givefirst. 

That’s why, I’ll be giving a series of six live workshops on #entrepreneurship, every Tuesday at 4pm CET, starting on Sept 3rd. 

1) How To (not) Kill Your Startup – Tuesday, Sep 3 @ 4pm CET
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The road to your startup success is paved with a lot of deadly traps. Learn how to avoid crashing your company to the ground – I’ll talk about how to recognize the early signs, avoid the classical mistakes and when to pull out the plug to avoid a bitter end. Audience: CxO


  • Building a product that people want
  • Team, Team, Team
  • Staying focused & building a compass for your company.
  • Premature scaling and other deaths by a thousand cuts.
  • Mental health

2) It’s All About People – lesson learned from hiring, building and leading a team – Tuesday, Sep 10 @ 4pm CET
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Finding the right people, and building the right team should be your top priority as an executive team. Learn from Techstars Managing Director Johann Romefort how to find the right people, hire them, and retain them. Take care of your people and they’ll take care of the rest! Audience:CxO


  • The Law of Startup Physics
  • How to find talents?
  • Why people work at startups and how to convince them to join?
  • Hiring slow and firing fast
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Growing a team and leading people

3) Exploring The CEO/CTO Relationship – Tuesday, Sep 17 @ 4pm CET
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CEOs and CTOs have a fluid relationship that evolves over time and as the company grows. Both bear a lot of responsibilities and a good relationship is crucial when it comes to the wellbeing of the organization. I’ll give tips about how CEOs and CTOs can better understand their respective problematics, build empathy and work together in the most effective way. Audience: CTO/CEO


  • What’s inside the head of a CEO and a CTO?
  • Potential source of conflicts
  • Building an empathetic relation
  • When things get difficult

4) Financial Modeling 101 – Tuesday, Sep 24 @ 4pm CET
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Before diving into creating financial models, you need to know what financial modeling is, who uses financial models, and why financial modeling matters. Learn the financial modeling basics with Techstars Entrepreneur in Residence Laurence Gaubert. Audience: CEO/CFO/COO

Agenda: TBD

5) Networking and Public Speaking for Introverts – Tuesday, Oct 1 @ 4pm CET
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How to overcome introversion and start building a strong network? Why is public speaking more important than you might be thinking? In the workshop, Techstars Managing Director Johann Romefort will share his tips on how to effectively network, and overcome the fear to get on stage to deliver memorable speeches. Audience: Anyone


  • Networking: Why and how?
  • Public Speaking: Why is it so important?
  • Where to start + tips and tricks
  • What makes a good public speaker?

6) Getting ready for tech due diligences – Tuesday, Oct 8 @ 4pm CET
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You got your term sheet – now as a CTO there’s one final step to close the deal: passing your tech due diligences successfully. While being a CTO at Seesmic, I had to go through this exercise as we raised $16M across 3 series of funding. Audience: CTO/Director of Engineering


  • What are Tech DD for, who are they done by with, and what are they looking for?
  • What do you need to prepare?
  • The tough questions
  • The red flags that might kill your funding

Come prepared with your questions or post them on twitter tagging @romefort



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